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At the 2016 Comrades Expo Douw Prinsloo decided to join hands with The Bible Society of South Africa and more specifically the Comrades for Bibles charity initiative. My approach has always been to make all my miles and moments count, and this is just one way of doing it: by running and thereby also supporting a charity. The Run for Bibles charity run by the Bible Society of South Africa is for athletes to choose a race they want to run for Bibles, this can be any distance - marathon, half-marathon or even a fun run or Park Run, and then get people to sponsor them for every kilometer run. This means athletes do the running or walking, and rely on others to support them, which in turn will support our Run for Bibles charity. Whilst this may all be good and well, Douw Prinsloo have, however, given the concept much thought and came up with an alternative which will challenge him even more. The challenge - he wanted to do more; more than just a single race. We present to you my concept of “Run for Bible Rands THE PLEDGE Through this I support a great charity in two ways; by creating awareness for this worthy cause and then to also contribute financially this charity. The idea was to do it first, and then challenge other runners or walkers to join in and do the same. We also utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to drive this initiative and wish to create not only an awareness for this initiative, but also create an opportunity for fellow runners to join in and also make “The Pledge”. WHO CAN JOIN? In short, anyone can join. It also does not matter from which province you are in South Africa. In fact we hope that other provinces will start to join in and take hads with us to make a difference in people’s lives. Everyone is welcome. As long as you are doing official races and or Park Runs as a runner or a walker, you can become part of this awesome team of passionate athletes who made the pledge and chose to make their every kilometer count for something more than just a medal or a free t-shirt - but for FREE Bibles. If we take hands and all take the pledge, with our combined efforts, we can all support the Bible Society of South Africa to also reach their objective, which is to distribute Bibles in many native tongues throughout South Africa to those who needs it most. We also want to encourage athletes across South Africa, from all provinces and clubs to join us and make 2019 an even better year, giving more hope, changing more lives. Click HERE to join the team Hope to welcome you to the team soon.
“As a walker / runner I pledge to donate R1 (one Rand) to the Run4BibleRands charity for every kilometer I complete in official races or Park Runs every month.”