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Seasons   come   and   seasons   go   and   in   parting   it   should   be   a   celebration   of   a   season   well   lived.   The   Run4BibleRands   season   will   come   to   a   close   and   we   will   bid   farewell   to   the   project   on 31 December2019 and we hope to end our season on a R100,000 high ! We have five months to close the gap between R85,000 and R100,000. Through   giving   people   access   to   Bibles,   we   as   a   team   played   a   vital   part   in   the   spiritual   education   of   our   nation   and   we   have   to   believe   that   the   transformation,   change   and   impact   in people's   lives   have   given   rise   to   good   governance,   stewardship   and   even   legacies   for   families.   With   one   final   push   to   raise   the   bar   to   one   hundred   thousand   rand,   we   will   continue   to make a difference in people’s lives and enable the Bible Society of South Africa to keep on making FREE Bibles available to those who need it most. Run4BibleRands   has   sown   the   seed   for   a   legacy.   Some   say   our   legacy   was   to   build   the   largest   Run   4   Bibles   movement   in   South   Africa.   Some   say   our   legacy   was   the   target   of   1000 free   bibles.   Some   say   our   legacy   was   to   provide   spiritual   education   for   our   communities.   As   leaders,   we   recognize   these   different   perspectives,   but   we   know   that   our   real   legacy   is in the values that we transfer to our families, friends, partners and workforce with the purpose of improving the Quality of Life in our world. Announcing   Project   R100,000!    Simply   put,   with   this   project   we   want   to   close   the   gap   between   where   we   are   now   and   R100,000!   We   are   about   R15,000   away.   What   a   great challenge, don’t you think?   HOW WILL WE REACH R100,000 ? RUN4BIBLESRANDS TEAM Run4BibleRands   team,   continue   with   your   runs   and   keep   honouring   your   commitment   of   giving   your   donation   of   R1   per   kilometer      like   you   did   during   the   past   five   years.   Nothing change,   we   will   do   what   we’ve   done,   with   one   difference,   our   aim   is   now   R100,000   !   Please   continue   sending   me   your   payment   notifications   and   proof   of   payment   to   Marina Stebbing. For us it is business as usual ! THE PUBLIC Like   always   we   definitely   want   to   make   a   call   on   the   public,   our   family,   friends   and   strangers,   to   also   join   in   projectR100.000    by   also   donating   to   the   cause. You   can   either   opt to   match   a   one   of   our   team   of   runner’s   totals   or   just   pay   forward   your   gift   of   love   by   making   a   single   or   monthly   donation   to   help   us   reach   our   R100,000   target   by   the   end   of December 2019. If   we   reach   this   goal ,   it   will   mean   that   we   would   have   made   available   around   2000   FREE   Bibles    to   those   who   need   it   most,   and   this   is   the   legacy   we   want   to   be   remembered by. Run4BibleRands was never a competition, it was never about us, it is about touching lives and paying it forward. If you want to support project projectR100.000, here are the banking details you can use : You can donate now by using this bank info and reference ( bank deposit or EFT ) Account Holder :  Bible Society of South Africa Bank :  ABSA Account number :  260 220 748 Branch Code :  632005 Reference :  684851- Initial and Surname + P100000 ( Example - 684851- A Malan P100000 ) Proof of Payment :  Please email proof of payment to info@run4biblerands.co.za :  You can also CLICK HERE to use our online form to submit your    proof proof of payment / donation SnapScan :  Use your SnapScan app to snap the QR code here, then choose    your donation amount and click PAY, and you’re done !
Your support is appreciated. Thank you.